Current Issue
Death and Disease in Rabindranath Tagore’s works: Still the Music Will Play On

Effect of Paper Folding (Origami) Instruction in Teaching Geometry
1Joven P. Bornasal, 2June Rey S. Sulatra, PhD, 3Helen A. Gasapo, EdD, 4Francis B. Gasapo, EdD

Implementation of Anti-Corruption Education in Civics Subjects Based on Project Citizen at SMAN 6 Tangerang Regency, Banten
1Lukman Hakim, 2Reza Pradityayudha

Comparison of First to File Doctrine and Trademark Dispute Settlement Mechanism in Indonesia and the United States
1M. Iqbal Simatupang, 2 Rahayu

Amiri Baraka's "In Memory of Radio": Marxist Dialectics
1Aseel Hatif Jassam, 2 Hadeel Hatif Jassam

The Responsibility of the Curator for Settlement of Bankruptcy Boedel if Enforced by Criminal Confiscation
1Ayu Rizky Saputri, 2 Budi Ispriyarso

Reading Literary Theory between the Lines of Creative Writing: The Dialectics of Theory and Practice in the Creative Writing Pedagogy
Spyros Kiosses

The Role of Financial Services Authority and Legal Protection of Debtor in Financial Technology (Fintech) Based Lending Agreements
1Himawan Prasetyo,2 Jeane Neltje Saly

Restructuring Insurance Policy as an Ultra Vires Action Based on Limited Liability Company Law
1Handoyo Prasetyo, 2Subakdi, 3Robinsar Marbun

Fair Trial Principles in the Basis of Judges Considering Decisions Based on Testimonium De Auditu
Yanels Garsione Damanik

Criminal Liability of Children Who Cause A Fire
1Hotto Lumban Gaol, 2Dr. Handoyo Prasetyo,SH.,MH

Election Criminal Law Enforcement in the Era of Simultaneous General Election 2019
1Narwanto, 2Supardi

Responsibility of Air Transport Companies as Businesses Actors for Theloss of Passengers’ Baggages in Review of Law Number 8 of 1999 Concerning Consumer Protection
1Daniel J Napitupulu, 2Arrisman

Legal Protection to Consumers Against Hoarding Masksas Consequences of The Spread Of Covid-19
1Septian Arif Suryanto , 2Suherman

Cartel Performed By Airlines (Study of Kppu's Decision Number: 15/Kppu-I/2019)
1Nur Sulistiono , 2Imam Haryanto

Legal Consequences of The Discrepancy on Construction of Land Sale And Purchase Deed Towards The Procedure For Dedication (Analysis of The Jurisdiction of The Supreme Court Number-967k/Pdt/2010)
1Didik Setyawan , 2Suherman

E-Learning in Institute of Higher Education
1J. Soosiamaal Joseph Thomas, 2Priyadiana Annadurai

A Study of Nouns in Gu-Mawasangka Language
1Zalili, Sailan , 2La Taena,3Sakka, Hasan,4La Aso

Resolving The Farmers- Herders Conflict in Nigeria: A Way Forward for Sustainable National Development
Emmanuel Mamman, PhD

Legal Protection of Business Actors Sub Agent Gas ELPIJI For Unilateral Termination of Business Relationship By The Agent
1Rizki Indra Permana, 2Imam Haryanto

Application and Development of Ho Chi Minh Thoughts on Mass Mobilization Affairs in the Party Congress XIII Documents
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh

New Terminologies among Millennials: Upshot of Coin age
1Gilda E. Deguma, Ed.D., 2Divine Grace B. Magtiza, Mat

The Students’ Perception Towards The Online Learning Implementation of Hair Trimming Course
1Cica Syahrilla Putri,2Vivi Efrianova

Internal Defense in Containment Theory in the Context of Teenagers Engagement in Indonesia Terrorism
1Arijani Lasmawati,2Adrianus E. Meliala,3Ni Made Martini Puteri

Lexical-Semantic Analysis of “Allah” Component Expressions In Rashod Nuri Guntekin’s Novels
Muazzama Foziliya

Consideration of the Judge's Decision Regarding the Principle of Ungood Faith in the Brand Registration Dispute Case Study Between Rso vs PT. AGBS
1Tio Lucito,2Iwan Erar Joesoef

Evidentiary of the Criminal Act of Corruption in Teleconference Trials during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Effectiveness of Guided Inquiry-Based LKPD to Improve the Student's Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
1Endela. Elifia Zulfa, 2S. Syamsurizal

The Effectiveness of PBL-Based LKPD for Empowering the Senior High School Student's Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
1Lestari, Della, 2S. Syamsurizal

The Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Based E-Module on the Classic Genetic Materials to Improve the Student's Critical Thinking Skills
1Dina Ristiana Anesa, 2Yuni Ahda

Operation Lam Son 719 amid “Vietnamization” Strategy during Vietnam War
1Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Ngọc Dung, 2MA. Nguyen Minh Son

Downsizing: Causes, Effect, and Strategies, A Conceptual Approach
1Dr Anekwe Rita Ifeoma, 2Dr. Nwanah Chizoba Patience

Waqf institutions as a framework for social enterprises in Islam
1Murtadho Ridwan, 2Sahid HM,3Iskandar Ritonga, 4M. Lathoif Ghozali,5Lisa Irwit Santi

Impact Assessment of Prolonged Quarantine on Senior High School Students in a State College in Zamboanga City, Philippines
1Kurt Jhay S. Absari, 2John Christian T. Jalon,3Nathan Kyle R. Samla, 4Navyc Christian S. Abujen,5Xenia C. Jagolino,6Zaki A. Rivera,7 Romenick Molina

1Ricky Yosua Christian, 2Arrisman

Death Penalty for Corruptors in Indonesia
1Hisyam Fahmi, 2Supardi

Comparative analysis of the story by A. Kuprin “Garnet bracelet” and the novel by S. Zweig “Letter of a stranger
N.V. Goncharova

1Sejahtera Giovani,2Jeane Neltje Saly

An evaluation of Climate Change and Water Scarcity as a causative factor of Political Instability in the Middle East Region: The Case of Syria.
1Abraham Lubem, Abado,2Olushola Adeborode, Kolawole,3Akinyemi, Oyawale

Legal Protection towards Fiduciary Recipients in Disputes of Fiduciary Object
1Niken Sarah Dayanti,2Iwan Erar Joesoef

Analysis of the Role of the Public Prosecutors on the Action of the Ship Sunning in Fishery
Ines Rachmawati Pailalah

The Urgency of Public Prosecution Service of The Republic of Indonesia In The Settlement of Replacement Money In Criminal Acts of Corruption Based on Law Number 3 of 1971
Lusiana Lamture, Supardi.S

Transnational Organised Crimes: An Assessment of Human Trafficking and the Challenges Militating against a Total Elimination in Nigeria
1Abraham Lubem, Abado,2Associate Prof. Enoch Terlumun ,Iortyom,3Terna Vincent Tavershima

English Education in Sri Lanka With Emphasis on English Medium Instruction at Secondary And Tertiary Levels: The Past, Present And Future
Dr. Abdul Majeed Mohamed Navaz

Comparing Traditional and Novel Methods in Determining Reach in Bicycle Fitting
1Kurt Williams, 2Mary Zadnik , 3Sunddip Panesar-Aguilar

An Appraisal of Insecurity and the Consequences on Residents in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State, Nigeria
1Agbor, Emmanuel A, 2Obongha, Ukpali E, 3Ita, Emmanuel. E

Previous Issue
Estimation of Iranian Natural Gas Demand Function Using ARDL Estimation Method
Afsane Rafiee

Online Language Learning and Teacher-Student Interaction: Experience of Students and Instructors
Dr. Abdul Majeed Mohamed Navaz

Optimizing Community Research Report Function at The Prosecution Stage Under the Juvenile Court
1Rina Mariana, 2Beniharmoni Harefa

Recognition of the Victimizer and Its Application in Criminal Police Investigations
1Hosein Sharifpour, 2Mahdis Malekzadeh, 3Sajjad Mohammadi, 4Sheida Taghadosi

Grəˉhmā, Grəˉhmō In Avesta And Uzbek G‘Aram, Persian Giromi: (Etymological Etude)
Iskhakov Mirsadik Mirsultanovich

Important Factors for Agile Supply Chain in Iranian Automobile Industries
1Ahmad Bathaei, 2Siti Rahmah Awang, 3Tahir Ahmad

Relevance of Moral Principles in Jaina Philosophy: In Present Situation
Dr. Veena Rani

Comparative Assessment of Public Policy Initiatives in the Agricultural Sector of Rivers State, Nigeria (2007-2020)
1Edmund Felix Obomanu, PhD,2 Obinna Nwodim, PhD

Application of Economic Equilibrium Principles in Power Purchase Agreement between PT PLN and Public Private Partnership
1Rachmani Aprilia Sari,2 Dr. Iwan Erar Joesoef

Implementation of the Policy of the Head of the Education Office in Increasing Understanding of the Islamic Scriptures at State Elementary Schools in South Labuhanbatu Regency, Indonesia
1Syafaruddin,2Mesiono,3Aziddin Harahap

Rohingya Refugee Influx in Bangladesh and Repatriation Process: Addressing the Possible Challenges
Badsha Mia

Student’s Online Learning Level during the Pandemic from the Perspective of Lecturers in a Teacher Training Institute
1Norsita binti Ali, PhD ,2 Siti Hendon binti Sheikh Abdullah, PhD, 3Mohd Nasrudin bin Basar,PhD, 4Norhannan binti Ramli, PhD

Juridical Analysis Of Fire Officers’ Authority In Medical Emergency Form Regulation Perspective
1Taupik Alpiyandi,2 Laksanto Utomo 3Abdul Wahid

The Expansion of Protestantism and Culture Change among Gedeo
Eshettu Tesfaye Retta

Implementation of Extraordinary Review (Pk) For the Public Prosecutors after the Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 33/Puu-Xiv/2016
1Rahmadianto Andra,2 Taufiqurrohman Syahuri

Settlement Mechanism of Banking Fraud and the Role of the Financial Services Authority in Indonesia
1Romi Prayudi,2Dr Imam Haryanto Drs, SH, MH.

Implementation of Mediation as an Alternative for Medical Dispute Resolution in Hospitals Based on Law No. 36 of 2009 concerning Health
1Lina Herlina,2 St. Laksanto Utomo

The Role of Communication Justice and Assertive Communication in B2C Marketplace Post Recovery Satisfaction
1Kussusanti,2 Prijono Tjiptoherijanto,3 Rizal Edy Halim,4 Asnan Furinto

Legal Protection for Consumers as Aviation Service Users(Study of Supreme Court Decision No: 975 K/PDT/2019)
1Muhamad Bilal Saputra and Dr. Arrisman, SH. MH.

The Impact of Cases Termination Against Suspects Through Pretrial In The Process Of Investigating Tax Crimes
1Suyadi, 2Bambang Waluyo

Corporate Responsibility in Corruption Crimes at PT. Asuransi Jiwasraya (Government Company) (Analysis of Sentence Number 30/Pid.Sus/Tpk/ 2020/PN.Jkt.Pst)
1Desi Desturi, SH, 2Dr. Handoyo Prasetyo, SH., MH

School Administrators’ Personality Traits: Its Relationship to Teachers’ Performance
1Harly Israel G. Bandojo, 2Felicisimo V. Wenceslao, Jr., 3Helen A. Gasapo

The Analysis of Government Program Implementation in The Fulfillment of Home Needs for The Poor
1 Taupiqqurrahman, 2Dian Khoreanita Pratiwi,

Human Rights of Women under Cameroonian Customary Law: The Need for Change
Dr. Egute Matthew Amandong

Evaluation of Governance Implementation Minahasa Regency Drinking Water Company
1Einjelheart Hansiden Polii, 2Itje Pangkey, 3Abdul Rahman Dilapanga

Assurance of security and order of grassroots political system of religious areas of Nghe an province, Vietnam
1Dau Trong Hao,2Nguyen Duy Quy

Industrialized Building System (IBS): Challenges in Implementing Interlocking Mortarless Blocks (IMB) System for Housing Projects
1Norazlin Mat Salleh,2 Muhammad Mursyid Bin Hassan,3 Noorlinda Alang,4 Mohd Hafiz Saberi

Mediation as an Alternative for Settlement of Medical Disputes Between Doctors and Patients in Therapeutic Agreements
1Ariep Mulyadi,2 Dr. St.Laksanto Utomo

Juridical Analysis of Government Employees Investigators’ Authority Fire Department Institutions in Fire Investigations
1Jatiur Sinaga,2 Bambang Waluyo

Formation of Musical Literacy of Primary School Students in Extracurricular Activities
Dilshoda Rakhmonova

Improving Classroom Interaction in Reading Classes for Students at Hanoi University of Home Affairs: An Action Research
Luu Thi Kim Que, M.A.

Gap analysis and determination of the necessary improvements in the production of the world-class system (Case Study: Iran Khodro Raje)
1Seyed Morteza Aghapour Miri,2 Marzieh Amouei, 3Omekolsoum Amouei

Topical Issues of Improvement of Banking System And Legislation In Uzbekistan
1Prof. Dr Said Gulyamov,2 Prof. Dr Islambek Rustambekov, 3Dr Shokhjahon Khujayev

Spatial Dimensions of Irrigation System Performance Status in The Semi Arid Region of Timor Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
1Ida Nurwiana,2 Akhmad Fauzi, 3Ernan Rustiadi ,4Bambang Juanda

Legal Protection of Fintech-Peer to Peer Lending-Based Money Loan Recipients
1Johan Kuswara,2Handoyo Prasetyo

The Connection from Beginning to Ending
Ariesan Ramona Nicoleta

An Important Source About the Timurid Tree
Zubayda Khamidovna Yuldosheva

Managerial Skills among Integrated and Non-Integrated School Heads in the Schools Division of Iloilo, Philippines: A Comparative Study
1Francis B. Gasapo, 2Felicisimo V. Wenceslao Jr., 3 Helen A. Gasapo 4 Irish Jane A. Frugalidad

Communication Driven Polyculturality of Modern Tv Journalism: Polylingual Focus for Future LSP Teachers
1Oksana Chaika (Čajka) , 2Natalia Sharmanova , 3Liudmyla Zakrenytska

Facebook As A Means of Communication In The Hotel Industry: A Case Study of Vietnam
1*Nguyen Thi Loc,2Nguyen Thi Kim Hue,1Nguyen Thi Hong

EFL Teachers’ Perception on Challenges of Online Teaching During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study
Huynh Thi Anh Tram

Relationship Between The Direct Roles of Principles In Assisting Parents To Improve Students’ Academic Achievement
1Shanti Ramalingam. PhD,2Kalidass Machappan. PhD,3Piragash Murugesu

Profiling academic research on what is being sought in initial teacher education gender wise
Pedro Cabrejo

Legal Measures to Protect Women’s Equality and Civil Rights in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Dr.Nishtiman Othman Mohammed

A Survey on The Employment Status of Gep Graduates of NIPSC
1Regina S. Bayhon,2 Ma. Fe B. Belasoto, 3Arthur O. Buenavista, 4Gilda E. Deguma, 5Helen A. Gasapo, 6Shelly Joy S. Jungco, 7Kaye C. Jardenil,8 Fresan R. Magnate, 9June Rey S. Sulatra ,10Felicisimo V. Wenceslao, Jr

Communicative Competence of College English Language Teachers: Using Results as Basis For An Action Plan
Ma . Fe B. Belasoto

Managerial Leadership and Performance as Fully Mediated by Transformational Leadership through Structural Equation Modeling
Arthur Ong Buenavista

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Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the instructions given in the authors' guidelines. Manuscripts which do not conform to the format and style of the Journal may be returned to the authors for revision or rejected.

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