Becoming an Asian Tiger: What Lessons Bangladesh can get from East Asian Miracles?
1Md Ikhtiar Uddin Bhuiyan,2Jasmin
1Assistant Professor Department of Government and Politics Jahangiranagar University Dhaka, Bangladesh
2Masters Student Department of Government and Politics Jahangirnagar University Dhaka, Bangladesh

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The economy of Bangladesh is extremely dynamic and its increasing economic growth is contributing in improving the quality of livings of its people. According to some observers, Bangladesh is becoming a new Asian Tiger as it is the fastest growing economy in the continent. East Asian miracle has left a lot of lessons which are favorable for Bangladesh to become the next Asian Tiger. This paper has tried to review the East Asian miracle and explore lessons from this miracle for other developing countries, especially for Bangladesh. The main purpose of this paper is to find out the way by which Bangladesh can become an Asian Tiger, beside it focused on its challenges to be an Asian Tiger and how it can overcome them? Data were collected from different research papers, articles, journals, reports of different national and international organizations, websites and newspapers related to this topic for analyzing problems. It is founded that Bangladesh is in the right economic track but corruption and weak institutions are the main problems need to be solved and it is possible for Bangladesh to be an Asian Tiger.


Economy, Four Asian Tigers, East Asian Miracle, Economic Growth, Economic Policy, Human Capital, Trade Deficit.


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