The Use of Synergetic Methods and the Catastrophe Theory
1Valida Sesadze,2 Maia Kevkhishvili,3 Gela Chikadze
1,2Doctor of Technical Science, Georgian Technikal University
3PHD professor, Georgian Technikal University
DOI : https://doi.org/10.47191/ijsshr/v4-i10-05

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The state of the global ecosystem is currently approaching a critical point, which affects the socio-economic condition of the society. At the present time, the subject of study of economics and financial sciences should be the study of a world characterized by non-stationary changes; socio-economic and ecological crises, which in themselves are related to the multidimensionality and non-linearity of socio-economic systems. The article builds various models using the theory of catastrophe in the process of global socio-economic development, The Ways of solving them are set, the raised models are solved by the computer program Maple, solutions are given and three-dimensional graphs are constructed. For the purpose of analysis, we have selected a synergetic methodology based on the theory of self-organization of complex systems. Various methods and tools were discussed for modeling the unsustainable development of socio-economic systems of which conceptual-methodological basis is catastrophe theory. The algorithm is defined and a complex of models is built in the article, which allows us to determine the type of macroeconomic indicators, the nature of the dynamics, and to determine the possibilities for the development of crises. In the 21st century, it has become clear that the state of the global ecosystem is approaching to a critical bound and it is reflected on the socio-economic development of the society, in addition, the Covid 19 pandemic made the situation extremely tense. Gradually, we are already approaching to catastrophe with big steps. Given this situation, these types of studies are of particular importance.


bifurcation, macroeconomic indicators, global crisis, synergetic, socio-economic development, the catastrophe theory, financial system, cycles.


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