Criminal Liability Committed by Corporations for Environmental Damage as a Result of Forest and Land Fires (Case Study Case Number 59/PID). B/LH/2020/PN. RGT)
Teuku Azhari
Jakarta National Development University "Veteran"

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The deforestation process that occurs in Riau is very worrying, forest and land fires are proof that environmental management and utilization are no longer reliable. These forest and land fires are proven to involve companies involved in the cultivation and utilization of forest products. For this reason, the corporation must be criminally responsible because UUPPLH No. 32 of 2009 has recognized the corporation as the subject of criminal law. Efforts to hold companies accountable aren't easy — many companies actually stop investigations because they don't have enough evidence. Therefore, the author wants to know the criteria of corporations that are said to commit forest and land fire crimes, as well as how the form of criminal accountability. This research method uses normative legal methods and sculptural approaches that are approaches through legislation. The results of the investigation, the criteria of the corporation to commit the crime of forest and land fires if it meets the elements in the preparation of articles of forest and land fires, namely land clearing by burning and exceeding environmental quality standards. The violation is committed by a person for work or other relationship reasons within the scope of the business entity. If the crime is committed by, for, or on behalf of a business entity, it shall be considered a corporate act. The form of corporate criminal liability in the criminal act of forest and land fires is preliminary, because the error lies with the corporate administrator (director) who is the mastermind or owner of control of the company's operational activities (Director Mind). Because in PP No. 4 of 2001 Article 13 that the director as the person in charge of all commercial activities whose business can cause damage and environmental pollution must comply with government regulation No. forest and land fires.


Criminal liability, corporation, crime, forest and land fires


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