Policing in the Covid-19 Situation in Indonesia
Gatot Eddy Pramono
Indonesian National Police, Indonesia

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Since March 2020, Indonesia has entered Covid-19 emergency status. Covid-19 pandemic situation forged various aspects, through social, economic, political, and cultural. This situation places Indonesia in a critical situation which has a great chance of social unrest. Indonesian National Police as the forefront of law enforcement in Indonesia, faces two real consequences: carrying out the main tasks of the police itself and additional tasks to deal with the Covid-19 emergency handling agenda. To support these tasks, Indonesian National Police issued at least 38 (thirty-eight) notice and internal regulation since March to May 2020. Thirteen of those 38 regulations ruled relation between police and community. By analyzing these thirteen regulations, I identified policing implementation in Indonesia. As a result, these thirteen regulations are dominated by points that indicate democratic policing where persuade, coordinate, anticipated, campaigns, encourage, and transparent being methods that mostly used in the enforcement framework. Indonesian National Police’s consistency in orienting towards community-based policing shows their commitment in promoting Indonesia values as democratic nation.


Covid-19, policy, policing, democratic policing, community-based policing


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