Dynamics of Bangladeshi Politics: Business Interest, Conflict and Challenges in Governance
1Kamrul Hasan,2Mujahidul Islam
1Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Politics, Jahangirnagar University
2Assistant Director at IDEA

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Bangladesh is performing better in the growth of GDP and experiencing remarkable progress in development indicators such as poverty alleviation, maternal mortality, infant mortality and enrollment in primary education. However, despite the restoration parliamentary democracy in 1990s, political governance is decaying in the country. The present study, taking dynamics of Bangladeshi politics into consideration, seeks to explore the interplay between business and politics and its impact on governance with supplementary evidence from public transportation sector as case example. Among others, the principal question of the paper is how business interest creates crisis in governance? It reveals that business elites are involved in all decision-making process in the government institutions and they make pro-business policy undermining people’s interest that leads to a confrontation between government institution and business elites which ultimately generates crisis in governance in almost all other section of the nation like transportation sector.


Bangladesh Politics, Abuse of Power, Business, Conflict, Governance


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