Absurd Sensationalism, Receded Morality in an Urban Family in the Vultures (1971)
Perwez Alam
Research Scholar, Department of English and Modern European Languages University of Lucknow, Lucknow

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A family is an organized system that connects all members together to exalt happiness and share grief to each other; they do not only help and hold shoulders with shoulders to strengthens family bonds and teach each other morality of life, respect and honour but also parents scold their sons and daughters for committing any mistakes to recuperate themselves in their career. Therefore, the sacred dignity of the family has been shattered nowadays in order to grab wealth and money. As Father has certain respect and honour at home similarly brothers and sisters have assured place in their parents ‟ heart. The play The Vulture has exposed a middle class family in the urban set up that comprises many family members who can fulfil their house with happiness and pleasure but their thirst for wealth and money shattered their tranquil life. Pappa has accumulated property after so much works though he has grabbed his brother Sakharam’s part who visits his home frequently to ask his part but his all efforts turned into dust and he is insulted by his nephews Ramakant and Umakant. They all are frustrated with the established system and they all started fighting for inheritance. They batter their own father for getting his hidden money though they all know that their demands and threat are transient, they will see the same satiation as they place their father at the moment. Their pursuit has no eternity as they show themselves that they have no goal; purposelessness, meaninglessness, disillusionment prevailed in their life. They sensationalize their arguments to quench their thirst and throw out their moral duty in respect of their father and family. For gaining absurd pursuit, they replicate the vulture like behaviour to kill their own father yet they are addicted to drinking and smoking and drugs, and keeping illicit relationship and outing at night for entertainment.


Morality, Property, Relationship, Addiction, Disillusionment and meaninglessness.


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