The Philosophical Perspective of the Poems of Maria Ajima: The Instance of Cycles
1Carmel A. Igba-Luga, 2Terlumun Kerekaa
1,2Department of English Benue State University Makurdi

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Philosophical writings and poetic rendition are both human endeavour that are universal in outlook as well as specific to indigenous societies. They are insightful discourses that contribute to learning, knowledge and sustained intellectual development of a society’s human resource. Philosophy and poetry exist in Africa’s complex of cultural mechanism and provide the foundation as well as the sustenance of Africa’s indigenous knowledge reservoir. African literature and its poetry specifically, portray perspectives of life from the experiences of the African writer who most times functions as the voice and intellectual conduit of his society. A Poetic vision of life is committed in a rendering that is philosophic and depicts shared experiences of the members of a society. Cycles by Maria Ajima is a collection of poems by a Nigerian writer. The poems provoke the reader to confront daily life issues by redressing them from the standpoint of logical reasoning, stark presentation and an existential position. The paper surmises that in this collection of poems the writer combines the aesthetic mode with a philosophic outlook that is essentially African to situate poetry as an indigenous enterprise that advances intellectual development.


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