The Intrinsic Metaphysical Tendency of Man in the Psycho-Philosophical Theory of Martin Buber
Ignatius Nnaemeka Onwuatuegwu, Ph.D
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria

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There is an intrinsic desire and striving for perfection in a every single rational being. This is as a result of man's obvious discovery of some lack in every individual person. Even though every individual is unique, yet no single person exhausts humanity but rather participates in it. Consequently, man's striving for relationship is as a result of this his nature. Invariably, man is an incomplete entity, and as such has a destiny to shape. In any given essence in the sensible material order, there are many individuals who though numerically distinct, participate in the same essence. Meanwhile, the person of plurality indicates that no single individual can exhausts the essential perfection. It will be appropriate, therefore, to posit that God through whom everything exists and is sustained ought to be and is actually the perfection of all that is. The wonder or the mystery of our being is fulfilled and surpassed only by the splendour and joy of our coming to life in God. Man, therefore, struggles for this splendour through his threefold relationship with the world/things, fellowmen and finally with God. It is in the de-materialization and spiritualization of this relationship that man comes into deep and permanent union with the Thou in whose presence everything is endowed with meaning. The researcher primarily uses the method of philosophical reasoning and presentation to achieve the purpose of the research.


Intrinsic; Tendency; Perfection; Attitude; Relation.


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