Factors Affecting Individual Customers’ Online Savings Deposit Behaviours at Vietnamese Commercial Banks
1Hoai Linh DO, 2Duc Toan MAI, 3Duy Cuong NGUYEN, 4Minh Hue TRUONG,5Ngoc Linh CHU, 6Phuong Thao TUONG
1,2,3,4,5,6National Economics University, Vietnam

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The paperaims at detecting factors affecting individual customers' online savings deposit behaviours at Vietnamese commercial banks based on theoretical frame works such as the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), and Theory of Perceived Risk (TPR). The survey was sent to the respondents via Google Forms and direct questionnaire. Based on response of 430 valid questionnaires were included in the analysis. Data were analyzed according to the process from testing reliability scale to factor analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis. The results showed that Perceived usefulness is the most influencing factor, followed by Brand reputation and Financial benefits. In which, Perceived risk has a negative influence on transacting behaviours. Accordingly, recommendations were proposed to enhance online saving deposit of individual clients at banks


online savings deposit behaviours, commercial banks, perceived usefulness, brand reputation, financial benefits, online savings, e-banking, technology acceptance model


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