September 2021

Prevention of Crimes Committed by Juveniles
Fat Mustafa
Master of Laws

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The extremely large number of criminal offenses committed by juveniles and the imposition of sanctions on them, prompted us to make a special analysis of juvenile delinquency and to prevent the commission of these criminal offenses by minors, analyzing factors and causes the filing of criminal offenses by minors, also contributing to preventive measures and their factorization to reduce penal sanctions imposed by courts against minors. Also in this paper we discussed some ideas how can we prevent crime made by minors, sectors which need to be factored and to have attention to the prevention of crime above crime prevention as three crucial factors in reducing the number of offenses criminal by minors and they are: The role of the police, the judiciary and the role of the mass media. The term prevention (prohibition), is borrowed pragmatically by vocabulary and vocabulary of medical practice. In the broadest sense, two basic contents of this notion have been profiled, the first of which has to do with intervention as a primary form, while the second form has to do with reaction and reaction before the unwanted criminal phenomenon is manifested for society. In Latin, praeventio (prae-venio, ventim paraeventus, praevenire) marks the definition and the term pass, reach forward, overcome a certain phenomenon, or as it might be said on the basis of common sense prevention, precaution, obstruction, avoidance in advance. The notion of prevention contains in itself all the measures taken in a planned, premeditated and organized manner with which an attempt will be made to eliminate or reduce the direct causes and of criminal and punishable behaviors (V. Latifi, 2013, p. 179).


Juvenile delinquency, Forms of criminal offenses committed by juveniles, Juvenile Justice Code, Preventive measures.


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